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in Pays d’Opale

The maison de Pays de Licques…

The Maison De Pays de Licques, which is currently under construction, aims to provide local community services for the benefit of the population of the rural catchment area of 3,000 inhabitants, in line with local specificities. The MDPL will meet the long-term needs of the population in a passive building that is emblematic of the energy transition and is located on site where it blends into the environment, in the immediate vicinity of the local secondary school, schools, and sports facilities.

This structuring project has 3 major focuses :

A Children's Centre structured around the following facilities:

  • A 16 place childcare assistance centre made to meet the need for collective childcare of young children in the area, without destructuring a dynamic network of childcare assistants.
  • The relais-petite-enfance (RPE) community will be in specially adapted premises with functional link to the children’s centre; It will have an office and access to the activity room.

  • A shared outdoor play area

A cultural hub structured around

  •   a branch of the intercommunal music school(2 instruments rooms, a music theory room, a percussion room)
  • an intercommunal games library with an activity room shared with the RPE ;
  • the municipal media library as part of a strengthened partnership with the department. The location within the Maison de Pays will make it easier for schoolchildren and family to access the media library.
  • shared places to encourage pooling and relationship between various department.

A public services centre

  • A local branch of the Maison France Services with a general reception function on the site, legal information, internet access and duty period: reception area with 2 freely accessible computer workstation + shared duty period offices and a small meeting room.


Les financeurs

Project in progress
Projet en cours
Projet en cours
Projet en cours

The digital third party…

Aware of the challenges of the mobility on one hand, and the importance of offering people the possibility of dematerialising their professional activities on the other, as well as the development of new activities based on digital technologies and associated training, the community of communes of the Pays d’Opale is working with its France Services centres to build a Digital third party resource centre.

The building, previously a heritage barn in the heart of the Minoterie community park in Guînes, will include a wide range of functions, while remaining adaptable in its design to the changing nature of digital uses:

–        Reception and social area / cybercafé
–        Coworking spaces
–        Digital training areas
–        Digital courses
–        Intergenerational digital activities
–        Resources centre
–        Repair-café
–        Fab-lab
–        Place to meet and talk

The place will be ready in 2024 and will complement the many public services already offered on the site: Maison France Services, Centre Intercommunal d’Action Sociale, mission locale – Fabrique Défis, headquarters and services of the community of communes, transport hub (public transport, carpooling, electric bike sharing, etc)


The funders

Project in progress
Project in progress
Project in progress
Project in progress
Project in progress