Ongoing project
in Pays d’Opale

The maison de Pays of Licques…

The Maison De Pays of Licques, currently under construction, aims to project community services for the benefit of the population in a rural living area of 3,000 inhabitants, in line with local specificities. The MDPL will address lasting needs of the population within an iconic passive building representative of the energy transition, and is located on a site where it blends with the environment, in close proximity to the college, schools, and sports facilities of the municipality.

This transformative project revolves around three major axes:

A Childcare Hub structured around the following facilities:

  • A 16-place childminder’s house designed to meet the collective childcare needs of young children in the area, without undermining the dynamic network of childminders.
  • The community Early Childhood Meeting Point (RPE) will be housed in suitable premises with functional links to the childcare structure; it will have an office and access to an activity room.

  • A shared outdoor play area

A cultural hub structured around

  • the branch of the intercommunal music school (2 instrumental rooms, a music theory room, a percussion room)
  • the intercommunal toy library with a shared activity room with the RPE ;
  • the municipal library in an enhanced partnership with the Department. The location within the Maison de Pays will enhance access for students and families to the library.
  • Common spaces are provided to promote collaboration and interaction between different services.

A community services hub

  • a local branch of Maison France Services providing general site assistance, legal information, internet access, and scheduled appointments. The reception area includes two freely accessible computer stations, shared office spaces for appointments, and a small meeting room.

The funders

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The digital third location…

Recognizing the challenges of mobility on one hand and the importance of providing opportunities for the digitalization of professional activities to the community on the other, along with the development of new activities based on digital technologies and related training, the Opal Coast Community of Communes, in collaboration with its France Services offices, is spearheading the development of a Digital Third Place of resources.

The building, a former heritage barn located within the community park of La Minoterie in Guînes, will encompass numerous functionalities while remaining adaptable in its design, considering the evolving nature of digital practices:

  • Welcoming and social space / cyber café
  • Coworking spaces
  • Digital training spaces
  • Digital workshops
  • Intergenerational digital activity spaces
  • Resource center
  • Repair café
  • Fab-lab
  • Exchange and activity space

This communal hub is set to be operational in 2024 and will complement the many public services already available on the site: France Services Center, Intercommunal Social Action Center, local employment office (Fabrique Défis), headquarters and services of the community of communes, and a transportation hub (collective transport, carpooling area, electric bike sharing, etc.).