This project was funded
within the framework of LEADER

This is a community initiative program for which Europe entrusts local actors grouped together in a Local Action Group with an envelope, to co-finance public or private projects that promote the development of rural areas while respecting their local development strategy and European and national rules.

Our thanks go to Europe for this aid granted as well as to the Région Hauts-de-France and to the SyMPaC- Pays-du-Calaisis which supported us in the development of our file.

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The Community of Communes Pays d’Opale wished through this project:

  • Meeting public expectations
  • Adapt to new trends and technologies
  • Strengthen the notoriety of the Pays d’Opale territory

A new communication strategy has been put in place with the aim of promoting the Pays d’Opale as a destination conducive to healing, well-being and living well together. A new graphic charter has also been produced.