Economic development
in Pays d’Opale

Thanks to the involvement of all its partners, the Communauté de Communes Pays d’Opale supports companies and creators in their projects and in their questions.

Do you have a creation, development or implementation project?

Want to know what financial aid is available?

We are at your disposal to accompany you!

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Isabelle Prud’homme

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Blandine Heux

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Recommendation :
It is important to contact us at the genesis of your project in order to benefit from effective support. It is the same for the development of your requests for financial aid in order to maximize the admissibility of these.

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Support for the creation of activities

​Creating a business may seem easy, but making it live is something else!
Creating and bringing your company to life, whatever it is, requires support from the simple idea stage, but also over time. To ensure its sustainability, its development, obtain numerous financial aids or simply because the economic world is constantly changing, it is essential to be advised.

Professionals are at your service:

Chambre des métiers et de l’Artisanat Hauts de France,
Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Littoral Opale,
BGE Littorale Opale.

Do you have the project to create your company in the Pays d’Opale? Are you an entrepreneur and have a development project? Faced with the maze of devices, you are not alone, our services are at your side. Contact us, we will put you in touch with our partners.

Financial support for business creation and development

  • Community system of direct aid for creation and development.

For who?

  • Companies in creation
  • Companies (TPE) with a development project aimed at increasing turnover?

For what?

  • Furniture investment expenses necessary for the production activity
  • Investment expenditure related to communication
  • The interior layout of the premises (excluding building works)
  • Expenses related to the acquisition of an electric or hybrid professional vehicle

How much?

  • 20% of expenses capped at €4,000


  • Compulsory support for the creation or development project by one of the business creation and development partners (BGE, CCI, CMA) who helps you in putting together the file and in finding other funding.
  • Submission of the file to the Community of Communes as part of an appointment organized with a technician
  • Examination of the request by the Initiatives Calaisis platform
  • Presentation before the approval committee of the Initiatives Calaisis platform, composed solely of professionals from the business world (unless presented beforehand as part of the honorary loan system)
  • Award decision by this same accreditation committee based on the professional project
  • Allocation of the subsidy by the Community of Communes Pays d’Opale on presentation of invoices and supporting documents
  • Community aid for business real estate, reserved for industrial companies with a real estate investment project aimed at improving turnover, this financial aid often makes it possible to obtain the leverage effect necessary to release other aid public (Region, Europe, etc.).
  • Other financial aid for creation and development
    Le dispositif européen LEADER :
    Le prêt d’honneur « Initiatives Calaisis » :
    Les aides financières régionales :
    Les aides CARSAT :

Les zones d’activités communautaires

Zone d'activités Guines


Zone d’activités du Moulin à Huile

Attention, sur cette zone, interdiction d’implantation de nouvelles surfaces commerciales de moins
de 500 m²

Tarif : 31 € le M²

Zone d'activités Autingues


Zone d’activités des moulins
pas de terrains disponibles

Zone d’activités du Plat d’Or
pas de terrains disponibles

L’accompagnement à l’usage du numérique

Parce qu’Internet et les réseaux sont aujourd’hui un vecteur indispensable de communication et de promotion de l’entreprise…

Parce que vous n’avez pas forcément le temps ni les moyens de faire appel à un professionnel…

Parce que vous n’êtes pas expert dans l’usage du numérique…

… il existe des choses simples pour vous rendre visible sur la toile. N’hésitez pas à contacter notre conseiller numérique pour lui faire part de vos besoins (possibilité d’accompagnement individuel ou collectif) :