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Local Art Education Contract

The Local Art Education Contract is an initiative for arts and culture education offered by the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs in Hauts de France, in collaboration with the National Education, the Department of Pas de Calais, and the Pays d’Opale Community of Communes.

The LAEC aims to raise awareness, introduce, and grasp contemporary creation through a hands-on approach to art. The objective is to showcase and understand the artistic approach and creative process of various artists from different backgrounds. The proposed activities can take various forms depending on the audience and the artist: meetings, experiments, performances, and more. The audience is also invited to explore the artist’s production in dedicated or non-dedicated spaces (exhibition visits, attending shows).

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LAEC editions

4th edition of LAEC


For four months, from October 31, 2022, to March 5, 2023, artists Alix Godon and Moh engaged with residents, schools, associations, curious minds, and enthusiasts. They shared their artistic perspectives, showcased their works, and offered artistic activities open to all.

They crafted stories through illustration—taking inspiration from known or unknown tales, legends, narratives, and invented stories. They expressed these stories through drawing, video, theatre, and perhaps even music to narrate and illustrate them.



Singer, guitar, CAM
(computer-assisted music)

Alix Godon

Alix Godon

visual artist

3rd edition of LAEC


The Local Art Education Contract was put in place during an unprecedented health situation. We had to adapt to the conditions and constraints (sanitary pass, gauges, etc.). Some events had to be postponed or even cancelled.

The 3rd edition ended on January 31, 2022. Despite the situation, the system allowed Agathe Verschaffel and Hugo Kostrezwa to meet the population of the Pays d’Opale territory. There are 9 schools, i.e. 922 students and around ten other structures (EPHAD, media libraries, social structures, associations, etc.) with 294 people of all ages who took part in the CLEA adventure. They were able to discover an artistic practice and set up projects co-constructed with Agathe and Hugo.

Colourful, abstract and geometric works, both individual and collective, for Agathe as well as very visual but also culinary art and the creation of Bioplastique for Hugo resulted from this edition.

Hugo Kostrzewa

Artist, visual artist, musician and gourmet

Collage de papiers sur bâtiment
Collage de formes
Cérémonie de thé
Buffet gastronomique

2nd edition of LAEC


Béatrice Baldys

Béatrice Baldys

Les Petites Boîtes company

Yves Vandenbussche et Simon Dégremont

Yves Vandenbussche & Simon Dégremont

Lyric & CO & La divine comédie

For a period of 4 months, the companies engaged with various organizations and institutions, ranging from schools to associations, and even an AFAPEI.

During this residency mission, they collaboratively developed artistic proposals with local actors in the Opal Coast territory. Aligned with the theme of community living and within the framework of the anniversary of the Field of the Cloth of Gold.

With a high level of engagement and numerous implemented actions, La divine comédie achieved great success. It amplified original artistic gestures, with a common denominator of connection, exchange, and community living.

As for Les Petites Boîtes, a professional company in the region, the stakes were high. They managed to establish new partnerships and create beautiful works that will be etched in the memory of participants.

The Intercommunal School of Music took part in CLEA focusing on Renaissance music, all within the context of the anniversary of the Field of the Cloth of Gold (1520-2020).

1st edition of LAEC


1st edition of LAEC

From September 10 to December 21, 2018, the author Estelle Granet and the photographer Georges Pacheco set up in the heart of the Pays d’Opale to share their artistic approaches around the theme of portraits which includes self-portraits real, imaginary or crossed portraits or of somebody else…

In associations, libraries, cafes, schools, and even in people’s homes, they met with the people of Opale to exchange memories, stories, share dreams, passions, or questions. They also took a break, taking the time to question who we are, to trace our individual and collective paths, to invent ways of telling ourselves, representing ourselves, through photography and writing. Covering the 27 municipalities of the intermunicipal community, they explored what defines the identity of this region and its inhabitants, questioning the relationship they have with their history, culture, and heritage.

Their presence in the Pays d’Opale is an invitation to collectively build artistic forms based on the sharing of experiences, life stories, and histories.