In Hauts-de-France, as everywhere in the world, climate change is already a reality. We can no longer deny the obvious. Today, 63% of municipalities in the region are already exposed to its consequences.

At the same time, many stakeholders are committed and are already taking action to adapt to climate change: to make schools more ecological by planting more vegetation, restoration of wetlands, restoration of abandonned lands… Now, we need to continue, to go further, and to get into motion. And we need to do it together.

Operating on the principle that emotion stimulates action, and because the grand story is built by telling small ones, the Community of Communes “Pays d’Opale” takes you on a journey. Welcome to ARCHIPEL!

ARCHIPEL is a powerful moment that invites you to set aside eco-anxiety and pessimistic visions of the future. Hit the road for a quirky journey, off the beaten path but without leaving your home, to look at your region differently.

In the program for these lively three months in “Pays d’Opale”: an artistic residency, photographic creation, not forgetting the production of podcasts to document it all; but also lively highlights and a local forum to collectively write the future of your region adapted to climate change.

In September 2023, ARCHIPEL lands in your region. Be ready.

Alice and Sonia

“Alice and Sonia will capture the various expressions of solidarity that have emerged in the region in the context of the catastrophic floods in November.”

Lionel Pralus – Sensitive Portraits

TITLE: Portraits du territoire (Portrait of the territory)

For two months, Lionel Pralus, an artist photographer, will explore the Pays d’Opale through his lens, seeking the places and memories that connect you to the region.

A la phonie – écoutes territoriales

TITLE: Pays d’Opale ON AIR !

Concerned about climate change and its impact on your region?

Christian, Etienne, and Magali from the podcast studio À la phonie will be exploring the Pays d’Opale to gather the thoughts of residents of all ages on this topic. This is your chance to express yourself!