Toy Libraries
in Pays d’Opale

Ludothèques Pays d'Opale

Toy Libraries

Headquarters: Communauté de Communes Pays d’Opale
9, avenue de la libération – 62340 GUINES
Phone: 03 21 00 83 33

The coordinating team

Toy Libraries Coorodinator Pays d'Opale

Laure Fournier

Toy Libraries Coorodinator Pays d'Opale

Fanny Dhieux

Toy Libraries Coorodinator Pays d'Opale

François Lemaître

With over 800 games available, game libraries are playrooms for kids, adults, and the young at heart! They provide members with the opportunity to play on the spot, the borrow games, and participate in offered activities. These are places of meeting and sharing around games, as well as spaces of conviviality, awakening, and diverse learning experiences.


Free and family-friendly registration for all ages!

Open play and workshops: €1 per hour
Game rental: €1.50 for 15 days
Crate rental: €5 to €15 (deposit required)

Toy Libraries


Maison de pays de l’Ardrésis
avenue Fernand BUSCOT
62610 ARDRES

Tel: 03 21 00 72 03
Email address:


Maison du bien-être
rue Maurice BROUTTA
62132 HARDINGHEN > Pôle musiques actuelles

Tel: 03 21 19 27 27
Email address:


Rue du Bel Air
62340 GUÎNES

Tel: 03 21 82 22 11
Email address: