The Hardinghen walk

La balade d'Hardinghen

What geological treasure has made Hardinghen d’Hardinghen? What family have left their mark in the history of the commune?
What elements make up the landscape and biodiversity?

It’s what you will discover in this comic strip entitled The Hardinghen walk which invites you to immerse yourself in the company of Hermine and Léandre, the protagonists.

Have a great adventure!


Hello, My name is Léandre. I’ve always lived in Hardinghen, located between Marquise, Guînes and Licques. It’s a small, discreet village, but is filled by fantastic stories! I’ve always been proud to live here, in the heart of the unspoilt nature. Like my grandparents before me, I’m keen on passing on to my granddaughter the richness of memories and stories that are dear to me.


Hi! I’m Hermine and I’m 9 years old. You know what? My grandpa is the best grandpa in the whole world ! He is super smart and knows so many cool things! When I go visit him in his house in Hardinghen, it’s party time! He always tells me such amazing stories.


Here is our three weasels! They will lead Hermine and grandpa on amazing adventures through the different landscapes of Hardinghen. Keep an eye open! They will accompany you as well all along the way. But be careful…sometimes these little minx hide themselves! Will you be able to find them?

This work is brought to you by Parc naturel régional des Caps and Marais d’Opale and of the Community of the Communes of Pays d’Opale das part of the « Transmanche Geopark », a French-English project supported by PNRCMO and AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) of Kent Downs to obtain the« Geopark mondial UNESCO » label.

« Geopark mondial UNESCO » is a label which offer an international recognition of the region’s geological heritage, to promote it and help as many people as possible to discover it. The geology is all around us, moulding the landscapes and shaping our daily life : from the hills to the cliffs, from the sand to building stones, from the flowers of wet meadows to the wooded countryside.

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