The cave of Massabielle and its Chapel
in Pays d’Opale

A sacred and bewitching walk, where history intertwines with serenity

Come and discover the sacred history of the Grotte de Massabielle and its chapel in Balinghem, where the mystical beauty and serenity invite you for a stroll.

Grotte de Massabielle Pays d'Opale

A little history

The cave of Massabielle is dug in an old feudal motte on which was the keep of an old fortified castle. It was built following a wish expressed by the Abbé Chevalier during the Second World War: if Balinghem were spared major disasters, he would erect a monument.

This is how he deployed all his strength and savings and helped the inhabitants of the village and other benefactors, the cave was built and inaugurated in 1947.

The chapel, dedicated to the nativity of Notre-Dame, was rebuilt in 1558, after the expulsion of the English from Calais who had destroyed the old church.

50 years later, this place steeped in history, recently purchased by the municipality, has been restored.

The cave of Massabielle and its Chapel

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