Sentier du Funquet 7 km



1- You begin this hike on the narrow road beside the church of Boursin. Turn right and go straight up to the calvary.

2- At the calvary, take the right-hand track up to the Y-intersection, where you fork onto the right-hand path that runs alongside “Les Fonds”. After 500 m, you’ll see 2 successive farmhouses on your right: the Château du Funquet and the former Manoir le Breuil.

3- You come to the junction with Route Départementale 251, which you take carefully to the left. You will then go around “Mont Savary” for a kilometer.

4- At the crossroads, take the footpath on your left, opposite the street leading to the town hall. Climb towards Bois d’Alembon.

5- After one kilometer, at the crossroads, turn left into the Bois de Boursin. At the end of this wood, you can admire the scenery by continuing straight on for 250m: the Côte offers itself to you on the horizon! Then retrace your steps and fork right along Champ Poré.

6- Leave the water tower on your right and turn left to descend carefully along the road to the village of Boursin. You will then see the church steeple, which marks the return point of this hike.

The village of Boursin lies at the foot of the Cuesta, the limestone belt of the Boulonnaise basin.
It offers exceptional panoramic views:
from the Boulonnais bocage to the Côte d’Opale, from farms to Châteaux and Manoirs!