Sentier du Camp du Drap d’Or 12 km



The Camp du Drap d’Or trail route

1- Leaving the parking lot, go along the church of Saint Martin rue anglaise and continue straight ahead up to the crossroads with the D215, which you cross and follow the track in front of you.

2- Turn left and continue along the edge of the fields, carefully crossing the D248 and continuing along the track.

3- Turn left onto the Chemin de Campagne, and cross the D215 again with care.

4- Continue along the track and at the crossroads, turn right in the direction of Guînes.

5- Turn left towards the Guînes state forest. At the intersection, turn right to reach the forest entrance,

6- Turn left onto the small road leading to the forest house,

7- Before reaching this house, turn left onto the GR128 Tour du Boulonnais and start climbing. At the intersection at the end of the straight, follow the GR128 to your right, then to your left along the Rietz aux Anglais hedge. You will then catch up with the forest road on your left.

8- At the end of the forest, take the track on your left towards Campagne les Guînes, which will take you to the bridge over the SNCF railway line.

9- At the crossroads, take the small road on your right and follow the Rue du Château on your left, which will take you back to the village.

10- At the main street, turn right to reach the Place des Marronniers, the finishing point of your walk.

By walking this trail, you’ll have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Francois 1er and Henry VIII at the Entrevue du Camp du Drap d’Or, which took place between Guînes and Ardres in 1520.