Sentier de la Garenne 12 km



The Garenne trail route

1- From the church square of Saint-Riquier d’Herbinghen, which literally means “The enclosure of the sons of Herb”, leave the church behind and take the road in front of you. Follow it cautiously to the right.

2- Leave the calvary on your left and continue along the road: bend to the right, then to the left and turn onto the path on the right.

3- You’re back on the carriageway, which you follow for 250 metres, then continue on the path in front of you.

4- Cautiously catch up with the D206 towards the center of Bainghen. Leave rue de Beaurietz on your left.

5- At the Notre-Dame-de-Boulogne oratory crossroads, turn right onto rue de l’église, towards the church of Saint Martin, and begin a long climb. Follow the path along the Vallée des Vignes woodland.

6- At the crossroads, you reach an altitude of 202 m: the panoramic views over the Boulonnais bocage, the Pays de Licques and the Boulonnais cuesta are extraordinary. Turn right and continue along the path.

7- Carefully cross the D224 and take the path in front of you.

8- Before you reach the carriageway, take the path on your right.

9- Take the 2nd path on your left: you’ll reach the woodland valley. Follow the path, which bends to the right: from the heights of Mont Le Hu, you can see the land of Jeanne la mule and the Monts de Licques in the background. You begin the descent to the village of Sanghen.

10- At the intersection, take the street on your right and walk past the village hall.

11- Turn right to reach Herbinghen via the Rue à l’Eau, where the Ruisseau d’Alembon, a tributary of the Hem, flows.

12- Carefully cross the D224 and go through a tunnel of greenery, before turning left and leaving the Chapelle de Saint Erasme on your right. A hundred metres further on, you return to Place de L’Eglise, the starting point for this hike.

Straddling the Boulonnais, Calaisis and Audomarois regions, the Garenne trail winds its way through wheat fields, green pastures, forest edges and hillsides.