in Pays d’Opale

Territorial Climate Air Energy Plan (PCAET)

The climate change is a tangible reality, which the consequences are already visible. It is therefore vital to ask ourselves on the future challenges we will face.

The transition to a more sustainable involves ecological, economical, energetic and socials issues. To answer to them, we must put concrete, simple, innovative and easy to implement actions.

So, the community of communes has drawn up a climate Plan (PCAET) to define a strategy for tackling climatic, energetic, and environmental issues. The diagnostic and strategic development phases have already been completed, now it’s time to draw up the action plan, a crucial stage in implementing concrete, effective measures.

You are the key actors in the transition: residents, farmers, craftsmen, shopkeepers, everyone is involved!

You consume locally? Produce, travel differently, go zero waste, reduce your energy consumption, produce renewable energy, promote local shops etc.

Would you like to make a modest or ambitious contribution? Do you have any ideas?

Contact us: planclimat@paysdopale.fr

Diagnostic V3

Stratégie V3