in Pays d’Opale

Territorial Climate Air Energy Plan (PCAET)

Climate change is an undeniable reality with consequences now becoming increasingly apparent. It’s imperative that we reflect on the future challenges we must confront.

The shift towards a more sustainable future involves ecological, economic, energy, and social considerations. To address these, we must implement tangible, straightforward, innovative, and easily executable actions.

Therefore, the Opal Coast Community of Communes has developed a Climate Plan (PCAET) to outline a strategy for addressing climate, energy, and environmental challenges. The diagnostic and strategy development phases have already been successfully completed, and the crucial next step is to create the action plan, a pivotal stage for implementing concrete and effective measures.

You play a crucial role in the transition, residents, farmers, artisans, shopkeepers—all are involved!

Are you supporting local businesses? Producing, adopting eco-friendly transportation, embracing zero waste, reducing energy consumption, generating renewable energy, promoting local shops…

Whether you want to contribute modestly or with great ambition, or if you have ideas, get in touch with us:


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