Families need support and guidance in their parenting role, which is why the parenting service was established following the opening of childcare facilities for parents in the region (Guînes and Ardres).



  • Supporting and enhancing the educational role of parents
  • Strengthening the parental network’s offerings in the region
  • Promoting the parent-child relationship
  • Fostering self-esteem for both the child and the parent
  • Inspiring a desire to share and learn together as a family.

How does its work?

Parent-child activities, as well as exclusive events for parents, are offered throughout the year. A digital parenting brochure is published semi-annually on our platforms. You can also find all upcoming and past activities on our dedicated Facebook page at  @laparentaliteaupaysdopale

Some figures

Since the opening on September 1, 2022, we have conducted 29 parent-child workshops with over 250 participants in total.

These workshops cater to babies, teenagers, and parents, covering a range of activities such as cooking, baby massage, foot reflexology, parent-child relaxation, yoga, nutrition, painting, music, and a forum for teenagers in partnership with the College of the 4 Winds, among others.

Additionally, there have been 34 opening sessions for child-parent meeting places in Guînes and Ardres.

Parenting referent

“We offer a genuine diversification of initiatives and programs related to parenting, involving a variety of contributors who implement them. In a fast-paced world, it is crucial to share quality time with your child, promoting their well-being and contributing to your own balance.”

Photo Goran Seiller

Sophie Playe,
Parenting referent​

Information: Monday to Friday on 03 21 00 09 96 at the Maison de Pays d’Ardres, rue Fernand Buscot