Health prevention
in Pays d’Opale

Prévention santé Pays d'Opale

It’s good to live in the Pays d’Opale

For more information about available workshops, please contact CIAS at 03 21 82 21 82

Health prevention initiatives.

Let’s talk about screening!

The CIAS Pays d’Opale is tasked by the Opal Region Community of Communes to implement a health prevention policy for the population of the region. This initiative aims to facilitate access to rights and healthcare for residents through collaborative efforts with various health stakeholders in the region (agreements, consultations, etc.).

The CIAS also offers collective workshops, events, and conferences to inform and raise awareness among the general public on various health prevention topics (screenings, sleep, health assessments, addiction, for example).

The CC Pays d’Opale and local businesses are committed to scheduled screenings for breast, colorectal, and cervical cancers.

Testimonials from Cooking Workshops

Focus on seniors

It alters the way we cook, introducing vegetable combinations I wouldn’t have considered, and preparing simple dishes I hadn’t thought of making at home.


I enjoy learning new things, the atmosphere is pleasant. We are all at the same level, learning to cook together.


Prevention is an essential ally for a better and longer life. In this regard, the CIAS (Intercommunal Social Action Center) offers group workshops for those aged 60 and above, residing in the area. These workshops can take the form of cooking classes, adapted physical activities, or any other activity that contributes to a more serene retirement.

They are free of charge and require registration. Spaces are limited. The workshops evolve based on the needs of the residents.