Consumption plan and budget plan
in Pays d’Opale

Consumption plan

The consumption plan is a monthly meeting in the form of collective workshops to inform and advise residents on different topics, allowing them to exchange and acquire new knowledge to consume better.

The group sessions aim to arouse in participants the desire to organize their daily lives (budget, environment, food, etc.).

Each meeting also makes it possible to identify the needs of the participants in order to define the next themes to be addressed.

Free – Open to all
Information from Virginie JUILLiEN on 03 21 82 21 82

Salle de musique

Budget advice point

Physical permanence at France Service Guînes and Ardres on Fridays
only by appointment on 03 21 71 22 72 or on

The Departmental Union of Family Associations of Pas-de-Calais, a recognized consumer association of public utility, is labeled “Point Conseil Budget”.

The objective of the Budget Advice Point is to provide advice on budget management and to offer support at the first signs of financial difficulty and/or when consumer credit and/or unpaid bills accumulate.

If you are facing a difficult financial situation,
If you wish to anticipate a change in your family or professional situation
Or simply to improve the management of your budget
Don’t wait any longer, come and meet them!