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Landrethun-lès-Ardres is a French commune located in the department of Pas-de-Calais in the Hauts-de-France region.
It is at the center of the Calais/Saint-Omer/Boulogne-sur-Mer triangle.
Its inhabitants are called Landrethunois.
The town is renowned for its production of quality strawberries.

fraise landrethun

The essential

— Landrethun strawberries

It is difficult to know precisely its origin, but the cultivation of strawberries in our small village dates back many decades. Our growers assure that it is here that they grow best. The soil is more calcareous than in the neighboring villages. It is richer and well drained. The strawberry is fragile and it hates being with its feet in the water. This is why you need a fairly draining soil.

After the war, a wholesaler from Dunkirk came to pick up strawberries twice a week in the village and sold them to the greengrocers for the markets. They were packaged in 5 kg boxes with newspaper! This is how the reputation of strawberries in Landrethun was made. Every family grew it. This fame also gave its name to a hike in the village which takes place at the beginning of June (strawberry picking period) organized by the association “Nature et traditions”, hike called “Rando des fraisiers”.