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Bremes (sometimes referred to as Bremes-les-Ardres) is a French commune located in the Pas-de-Calais department in the Hauts-de-France region. Surrounded by the municipalities of Balinghem, Ardres, and Nortkerque, Bremes is situated 14 km southeast of Calais, the largest city in the vicinity. At an elevation of 5 meters, the Balinghem stream and the Bremes stream are the main watercourses that traverse the municipality of Bremes. Its inhabitants are called the Bremois.

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église Saint Martin

The essential

— Saint-Martin church

The parish and municipal councils decided to demolish this building and reconstruct a new one. The construction began in 1878 and concluded after various twists in 1885.

It is a structure made of locally sourced red bricks, designed in a cruciform shape, featuring a quite spacious nave, two aisles, and a choir topped with a steeple.

The interior of the building is remarkably ornate. The centerpiece of the furniture is unquestionably the altar and its altarpiece, entirely carved from wood and from a recent era (1925). On either side of the nave are two altars, bearing the figures of Saint Mary (on the left) and Saint Joseph (on the right).

Two additional altarpieces rest on the floor, each embedded with two statues (Saint Thérèse and Saint Martin).