Vallée Madame trail 19 km



The Vallée Madame trail

To discover :

La Vallée Madame: On this trail, you’ll take in the Vallée Madame, which, according to local legend, owes its name to the gallant nature of the rendezvous that once took place there between damoiselles and damoiseaux.

Le Ventus d’Alembon (185m): From the top of the Ventus, a magnificent panorama awaits you! It’s here that the annual hill-climb races take place, lacing up the almost mountainous landscape.

On this hike, you’ll discover the beautiful village of Alembon, surrounded by various woods, perhaps explaining the toponymy of the commune’s name: a combination of the Germanic term “Aliso” for alder and the Saxon term “born” for tree, meaning “the alder grove”. The village was mentioned as Elemborn in 1084.