Sentier Saint-Martin 14 km



The Saint-Martin trail

1- Take the road to the right, leaving the Eglise Saint Martin behind. Follow the road for 750m.

2- At the crossroads, leave the Virgin Mary on your right and turn left towards the fish farm, before which you fork right and walk along the willow-lined stream. You pass the Sanghen town hall.

3- At the intersection, turn left and begin the ascent to Blanc Mont.

4- At the fork, take the path to the right and continue your ascent, following the PR des Coteaux.

5- At the crossroads, turn right and reach Blanc Mont, 189 m high. Here you can admire a typical Boulonnais farmhouse set in a landscape of hedged farmland.

6- From here, walk towards Mont Copin. At the fork in the road, turn right. You’ll see the Vallée des Bois on one side, the Vallée Raux on the other, and the village of Alembon below.

7- You arrive on the D191, which you take carefully in front of you.

8- Leave the carriageway to take the path around the bend on your left, and follow it: it forks to the right.

9- Once you’re back on the road, turn left.

10- At the Eclemy parking area, turn right towards Licques. From here, the Abbaye des Prémontrés de Licques gradually comes into view, with its distinctive silhouette and shortened bell tower.

11- Shortly before Licques, take the first alley on your right. The path then bends to the right: take the D191 with care for a few metres.

12- Rejoin the small road running alongside the Alembon stream, which flows into the Hem, and finish your hike by returning to the Sanghen church.

If you like peace and quiet and wide-open spaces, you’ll love this hike from Saint-Martin de Sanghen. A special feature of this church is its miraculous spring!