Sentier Philippe de Montgardin 14 km



The Philippe de Montgardin trail
1- From the place de la mairie, take the opposite street, rue de l’école.

2- At the first crossroads, go straight on, and after 500m, cross the road carefully, then start climbing up to Château de Dippendal.

3- Leave this charming farmhouse on your left, then take the track on your right, and drive along the Dippendal woods.

4- At the intersection, continue straight ahead and enter the undergrowth: you begin a long 2km climb between the Balinghen and Abbaye woods.

5- Enter the Bois de Bourgogne and take the track on your right, continuing towards Montgardin.

6- Once you’ve passed this large farmhouse, your descent becomes steeper.

7- At the corner of Bois de Dippendal, leave the road and take the path in front of you.

8- Take the first path on your left, and at the end of it, turn right onto the carriageway towards the village center.

9- At the crossroads, turn left: a short descent is followed by a long climb. Leave the first track on your right.

10- Before you reach the château woods, turn right and cross the Bouquehault valley.

11- Take the track on your right, then the road on your left. Then turn right and carefully follow the D248 for 250m.

12- At the bend in the road, take the path on your left: an orientation table will help you read the landscape. After this short break, carefully descend into the basin, then climb back up to the blanc lièvre.

13- At the intersection, turn right, then left, and follow the path, which forks to the right.

14- Cross Rue du Sac, then continue on the track in front of you. Follow this path to the right, skirting the railroad line.

15- Turn right onto the D248 road, which you follow carefully for 200m, then take the path on your left. Follow it: bend left, then right, then right again: you are now on the carriageway.

16- At the crossroads, turn right into rue de l’école and return to the village center: you’re back on the town hall square.

This walk winds its way through the woods of Dippendal, Balinghen and Bouquehault… If you go slowly, quietly and with an open ear, you may be lucky enough to come across some deer.