Sentier du Ventu 15 km



The Ventu trail route
1- The trail starts in front of the church and town hall in the village of Alembon. Follow the D191 and pass in front of the church.

2- Turn right and continue straight on rue haute.

3- At the fork in the road, turn right onto the track that crosses Vallée Raux. Continue straight ahead up to the D191, and cross the small road.

4- At the crossroads, take the D191 carefully on your left for 50 m, then turn right and join the PR des Milles Monts.

5- At the oratory, turn left to begin the ascent of Ventu. You will pass through a place called “La Taonnerie”.

6- Continue straight on towards the Ventu. At the fork, continue straight on.

7- You reach an altitude of 172.8 metres. Take the right-hand track and start your descent. You pass the edge of the Bouquehault wood and continue towards the Audelan farm, following the small road.

8- Take the small track on your right towards Mont Belbert. Before reaching the Bois du Belbert, fork left to reach the village of Licques. The descent to Licques offers magnificent panoramic views of Licques Abbey.

9- At the Chapelle Notre Dame du bon secours in Licques, turn right towards Monts de Sanghen and Éclemy. Follow the path past the crossroads and rejoin the GR128.

10- At the junction, turn right and begin the final ascent of this beautiful hike. Once past Mont de Sanghen, continue along the ridge to Mont de la Taonnerie.

11- Take the left-hand track down the steep slope towards Sanghen.

12- At the bottom of the track, turn right onto the small road towards Le Paradis.

5- At the oratory, turn left into the rue basse, towards the Mairie, the finish point of your hike.

Le Ventu lies at the top of the village of Alembon. At its foot lies the Vallée Madame, which, according to local legend, owes its name to the gallant nature of the rendezvous it once hosted for damsels and damsels.