Sentier du Tilleul 9 km



1- Follow the main street to the left, leaving the Eglise Saint Martin behind. Head towards the village square, which you leave on your left to continue straight ahead.

2- Turn right in the direction of St Riquier: you’ll see a small stream halfway along.

3- At the end of the street, turn right again and continue on the small road in front of you towards “La Croix”.

4- In a recess on your left, you can admire this large stone cross, built in 1706 by Pierre and Antoinette SELINGUE. At the intersection, carefully cross the D 250 and continue on the path in front of you. Leaving the village of Caffiers on your left, continue straight ahead until you reach “Les Terres du Moulin”.

5- At the junction, take the small road to the right for 500m.

6- At the junction with Route Départementale 127, cross it carefully and continue to the right for 100m, before turning left at the radio antenna. You’re now overlooking Fiennes and the surrounding area. You’re at the foot of the wind turbines!

7- After 2 km, you leave this exceptional panorama behind and head back down towards the “Vallée du Mont”. This is a steep descent! Take care!

8- You come to a small road: turn right and after 100m take the path on your left to climb 131m up “Mont Blanc”!

9- At the crossroads, take the right-hand path back to the village of Fiennes.

10- Before carefully crossing the D127, you can admire the calvary on your right. Continue straight on for 300m and enter the village of Fiennes.

11- You come to the “Tilleul du Crocq”, more commonly known as the “Gros Tilleul”. This tree was planted in 1848 and is now a listed monument. It has greeted visitors at the entrance to the village for over 150 years and also guides traffic! After leaving this Natural Monument, turn left one last time to return to your starting point. After 100 meters, you’ve arrived!

This hiking trail will take you in the footsteps of the country’s most powerful and illustrious Lords, after the Counts of Boulogne and Guînes!