Sentier du Halage 5km



1- Leave the Tourne-Puits parking lot and take the footpath.
Continue straight ahead along the old railway line, cross a small wooden bridge over the river Bouzats and continue straight ahead until you reach the main street of Marais de Guînes.

2- Turn left and you’ll find yourself facing the iron bridge installed in 1889.

3- Before the bridge, turn left onto the path that runs alongside the Guînes canal. You’ll come across a number of typical low-lying houses planted along the towpath.

4- At the end of this path, you’re back in Guînes. Turn left into rue Narcisse Boulanger,

5- Take the first street on your right, rue Desandrouins, and climb up to Place d’Angerville.

6- Pass this little square, then turn left into rue Sidney Bown.

7- At the traffic circle, turn left into rue Léo Lagrange. At the end of this street, you’ll come to the Tourne-puits hall: the starting point for this hiking trail.

Along the old railroad line, raised to avoid flooding, you overlook the marsh. Cultivated and grazed plots, reedbeds or small woods, each space is criss-crossed by ditches where the water flows peacefully.