Sentier du Cah-Licqu’Co 11 km



1- Leave the Abbey and go down rue du Bourg.

2- Turn left into rue du Courgain.

3- At the end of this hidden path, you’ll come to Licques Volailles, a poultry company with the “Saveur en Or” label, and the statue of Alfred, the turkey mascot of the Confrérie de la Volaille de Licques. Turn left, leaving on your right the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Bon Secours (built in 1750 in gratitude to the Virgin Mary). From here, turn right onto the 2nd path to Mont Belbert.

4- At the end of this path, fork right, then go right down the road and climb the Vallée à Car on your left. Continue up Mont de Licques on the right.

5- Carefully cross the D215 and continue on the track in front of you, which you follow as far as the D224. From here, turn left and follow this road carefully.

6- After 200m, you’ll find a path on your right: continue along this path alongside the PR des Mille Monts: admire the breathtaking view over the village of Licques!

7- For an even more impressive panoramic view of the Pays de Licques and the Boulonnais bocage, we invite you to climb Mont Cahen: take the path on your left and, at the top of this difficult ascent, turn left to reach the place known as Le Vigneau de Licques.

8- Descend along the Chemin de Rappoye.

9- You arrive at Courtebourne – Hameau de Licques. Carefully cross the D217 and take the road at an angle for 150 metres. Then, near a pig farm, turn left towards Audenfort, where you follow the GR128.

10- At the intersection in the grove, take the path on your right. Leave the small road on your right and continue along the path in front of you: you pass close to the gîte le Moulin de Canchy, a former water mill on the banks of the river Hem, now restored as a home.

11- At the crossroads, turn right and continue along the road for 500 metres. Leave the carriageway and take the path on the left: on the old Le Portel – Bonningues railroad line. Follow the GR128 to the intersection with the D191, where you leave the soccer pitch on your right.

12- Carefully cross the D191 at the pedestrian crossing (on your right) and continue straight ahead on the D206E.

13- Take the first footpath on your right and continue straight on to reach the D215: turn right twice and follow the footpath as far as rue Antoine de Lumbres.

14- Turn left and continue straight ahead to reach the “Place du Bas” in Licques village.

15- Turn left into rue du Bourg and climb up to the Abbey, to return to the starting point.

As you stroll through Cahen, Licques and Courtebourne, you won’t want to miss this distinctive silhouette, with its foreshortened bell tower: the church of the former Prémontrés de Licques abbey.