Sentier des Ecottiers 9 km



1- Leaving the parking lot, walk alongside the Sacré Coeur church, built in the 18th century of white stone from the nearby quarry. The church was enlarged in 1853 with the construction of the choir, then in 1870 with the erection of a stone bell tower. At a wide crossroads, turn right up the street to the D215 road.

2- Carefully cross the D215 road and take the opposite track. Follow Vallée d’Ecottes.

3- At the crossroads, turn right and follow the Dippendal woods.

4- Arrive at the Château de Dippendal, built by Nicolas-Antoine Bernet during the Terror. Then turn right onto the D215 road, which you cross again with care. You’re back at the church.

5- Turn left down Rue de Ferlinghen. Go straight on at the calvary.

6- At the crossroads, take the track on the right and follow it for about 1.5 km.

7- You are now on the D224 road. Turn right and walk carefully for 250 metres.

8- Quickly branch off onto the right track. Cross the Courtebourne wood, then the Licques wood.

9- Back in Ecottes, you’ll see the church steeple. Turn left into the driveway and go straight on to the church parking lot.

Ecottes is the only hamlet in Licques to be separated from the village by the Courtebourne wood. The inhabitants are used to living independently: the village has its own church and until a few years ago had its own school.