Sentier des Croisettes 10.5 km



1- Leave the town hall behind and start walking to the right, turning right on rue du Fond Adam,

2- After leaving the Château de Caffiers, built in 1820, on your right, turn right into rue communale towards the retirement home: “Résidence Notre-Dame des Campagnes”.

3- At the path intersection, turn left to reach the road, where you turn right towards Mont de Fiennes. You begin your ascent, with a view of the Hertzian liaison center, more commonly known as the Fiennes “Radar”.

4- Carefully cross the D127, then continue on the road in front of you, towards the Restaurant “Le Grand Air”. From here, you have an exceptional panoramic view of the Calais area, the Dunkirk region and part of the Pays d’Opale. From here, you begin the descent into the Forêt Domaniale de Guînes.

5- Leave the forest road and take the path on your left, before the place called “Mont de Plaisance”.

6- After 300 m, turn left for a few hundred meters. Then turn right along the “Laie du Fond de Justice”.

7- At the edge of the forest, before reaching the Malvi et Bucéphale riding school, turn left onto the GR 128. Follow it for about 1km.

8- You come to the D127: fork left and follow it carefully for a hundred metres.

9- Cross it carefully and continue on the path in front of you, between lanes 8 and 9, for 500 metres.

10- At the junction of two paths, turn right onto the “Laie de la Portelette”, then, just a few metres further on, turn immediately left. Continue along this path for around 600 metres.

11- At the end of the path, fork right, then 200 metres further on, turn left to leave the forest. Continue along this forest for 500 metres.

12- Turn right towards the “Flaquettes” farm.

13- Before you reach this typical farm, turn left and drive alongside one of its barns. Continue for 1.5km across the fields towards “Les Croisettes”.

14- Back on the road you took at the start of this hike, turn right to reach the village of Caffiers.

15- After 300 m, take the rue du fond Adam on your left, which will take you back to your starting point.

On a clear day, from the Mont de Fiennes, you can discover the Flanders plains, Calais, the Deux-Caps site, and in the distance … the English coastline!