Sentier de la Chapelle Saint-Louis 30 km



The Chapelle Saint Louis trail

Places of interest :

Chapelle Saint Louis: Above Guémy, the ruins of the Chapelle Saint Louis, founded in the 13th century, remain.
Situated on the last foothills of the Artois, overlooking the maritime plain, Mont Saint Louis rises to 112 m above sea level.
The chapel was built in the late 15th century in the flamboyant Gothic style by the great Bastard Antoine de Bourgogne. Long in ruins, it was restored in 1930. From Mont Saint-Louis, you can enjoy a vast panorama over the maritime plain and the Artois region.

Some claim that from Saint-Louis, you can travel underground to Ardres, Tournehem, even Calais and Saint Omer. The truth is, the tunnels do exist, and lead to ordinary chalk quarries, where the Germans wanted to build a military hospital that was never completed, but for which plans have been drawn up.

To discover:

La Tour de Grès: production of utilitarian and decorative pottery.

Demonstrations and training courses available, as well as events.

Ardres is a town with a rich architectural heritage. With four sites listed as historic monuments: Chapelle des Carmes, Eglise Notre Dame de Grâce, the Bastion Royal and the underground grain silos, you can also stroll through the narrow streets of the town center, which is rich in shops…