Mont Condy trail 10 km



To be discovered on your route:

Le Tilleul à Fiennes: Le Tilleul du Crocq is more commonly known as Le Gros Tilleul. This tree of liberty was planted during the 1848 revolution and is now a listed historic monument. It welcomes visitors at the entrance to the village of Fiennes.

Hermelinghen, capital of mountain biking! Hermelinghen is well known to hikers for having been one of the first villages to offer mountain bike routes and numerous sporting events, earning it the nickname of “mountain bike capital”.

ATTENTION: Before you leave, between October and February, check the hunting calendar.

The Sentier du Mont Condy trail

Places of interest :

Before descending the Mât, take a few moments to read the landscape: the hamlet of Le Mât, a high plateau to the north, is made up of hedges, trees and copses. On the northern edge, the landscape is marked by a wooded background: the Guînes state forest. The wooded belt is repeated to the south, where the plain is lower and flatter.

The large hillside separating these two units is made up of agricultural plots and shrubby micro-reliefs. On the southern boundary, a limestone hillside is also present, framing a lower plain with denser bocage and the hamlet of La Fontaine along the Slack.

Hermelinghen is a charming village in the Parc Naturel Régional des Caps et Marais d’Opale. It forms part of the landscape of the north-eastern edge of the Boulonnais buttonhole and is marked by its limestone hillsides: a diversity of landscapes: plateaux, bocage, plains that you will encounter on this hike.