Entre-les-Bois trail 20 km



The Sentier entre les Bois route
Curiosities :

The Forêt Domaniale de Guînes is home to an incredible wealth of flora and fauna. As you stroll through the forest, you may come across deer, wild boar,…

For the record, the numerous pine forests were planted after the Second World War to reforest areas that the Germans had destroyed in order to use the wood to make Rommel’s asparagus (wooden stakes 4 to 5 meters long planted in fields and other flat areas behind the French coastline, to prevent gliders from landing during the landings).

To discover on your route:

Fiennes: you’ll pass through one of the 4 châtellenies du Boulonnais, where Jean de Fiennes, one of the six bourgeois of Calais, was born.

Eurovision Hertzian relay: the white tower crowned with red at the top of Mont de Fiennes, 140m above sea level, is a Eurovision Hertzian relay remotely controlled by European transmitters. The 13 parabolic domes are variously oriented towards the countries of Europe. Waves are received every second, i.e. 12 “Gesaers”. Reflected waves are concentrated on a “waveguide” core placed at the “focus” of the dome. They are amplified and ricocheted to other European stations. What would the great Arago say if he were back on Earth!

A 785-hectare forest! The green lung of the Calais region, the Guînes state forest is THE starting point for hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and, more recently, Nordic walking,
there’s something for everyone!