Bois de Ballon trail 3 km

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9 Avenue de la Libération
62340 GUINES


The Bois Ballon trail

1- At the sign, leave the parking lot behind and head up the laie de Campagne. Continue straight ahead.

2- Between plots 38 and 39, indicated on the trees with white rectangles, turn right onto the chemin de la queue de Campagne. Most of the trees here are pines.

3- After 700 m, fork right and follow the path as it slaloms slightly. When you reach the 2nd perpendicular hedge, turn right, then left at the next junction, and right again between plots 35 and 36!

4- Continue along the path: hidden behind the trees on your left is the Colonne Blanchard. This is the perfect opportunity to stop and discover it.

5- At the end of the path, turn left to get back to the starting point.

The people of Guînes are proud to call it “balloon wood”. The name refers to the first balloon crossing of the English Channel on January 7, 1785. This feat was achieved by a French aeronaut, Jean-Pierre Blanchard, and an American citizen, Dr. Jeffries.