Assistance for purchasing a bicycle


The Community of Communes Pyays d’Opale (CCPO) aims to promote cycling in its territory. To achieve this, it is implementing a program to support households within its jurisdiction (except for GUINES, which falls under the jurisdiction of SITAC and benefits from a dedicated program) by offering a subsidy for the purchase of a bicycle or an electric-assist bicycle (e-bike).

Eligible for the grant are:

  • Individuals able to prove their primary residence within the territory of CCPO, excluding Guines
  • Any member linked to a tax household aged 10 and above are eligible for this subsidy.

The bicycle purchase should fulfill a personal need.

The following are excluded from the scope of this subsidy:

  • Legal entities or individuals for the purposes of remunerated activity (e.g., tourist rentals, etc.)
  • Residents of Guines, within the jurisdiction of SITAC (Intermunicipal Transport Syndicate of the Calaisian Agglomeration), benefit from a dedicated program and should contact the Guines Town Hall, responsible for processing applications.”

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