in Pays d’Opale

In Hauts-de-France as well as anywhere in the world, the climate change is here. We cannot deny it any more. Now, 58% of communes of our territory are already exposed to the consequences.

In the meantime, many people are already taking action to adapt to climate change. Now, we need to continue, go further and get things moving. And we need to do it together.

Based on the principal that emotions stimulate action, and because great history is built by telling small stories, The community of communes Pays d’Opale takes you on a journey. Destination Archipelago !

Archipelago, it’s a great moment which offer you to let go of your eco-anxiety side and your ultra pessimistic views of the future. Take the road for an offbeat trip, out of the beaten track but without going out of your house, to see with a different eye your land.

The programme for these three lively months in Pays d’Opale : an artistic residence, participatory workshops, photographic creation and exhibitions, as well as recording and broadcasting of podcasts to document all that.

In September 2023, Archipelago arrives on your territory, be prepared.